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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

Reference number
Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Robbie McNaugher  
Applicant Name
Agent name
Applicant Address
Agent Address


THSU_Transport Statement - pages 13 - 31.pdf -
A-600-010.pdf -
A-600-011.pdf -
A-600-012.pdf -
A-600-013.pdf -
A-600-020.pdf -
A-600-021.pdf -
A-600-022.pdf -
A-600-023.pdf -
A-600-024.pdf -
A-600-025.pdf -
A-600-026.pdf -
A-600-027.pdf -
A-600-028.pdf -
A-600-030.pdf -
A-600-031.pdf -
A-600-032.pdf -
A-600-033.pdf -
A-600-034.pdf -
A-600-035.pdf -
A-600-036.pdf -
A-600-037.pdf -
A-600-038.pdf -
ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf - application form
THSU_ Phase 1 LQA (Final).pdf -
THSU_Air Quality Impact Assessment.pdf -
THSU_Arboricultural Report.pdf -
THSU_Archaeology DBA_Appendix 1 PART3.pdf -
THSU_Archeological DBA PART 1.pdf -
THSU_Archeological DBA PART 2.pdf -
THSU_CrimePreventionStatement.pdf -
THSU_DesignAccessStatement_pg1-18.pdf -
THSU_DesignAccessStatement_pg19-23.pdf -
THSU_DesignAccessStatement_pg24-45.pdf -
THSU_DesignAccessStatement_pg46-68.pdf -
THSU_Noise and Vib Assessment.pdf -
THSU_Notice Letters_Notice_Red Line.pdf -
THSU_PlanningStatement FINAL.pdf -
THSU_Site Waste Management Plan.pdf -
THSU_StatementofCommunityInvolvement_.pdf -
THSU_SustainableDesignStatement.pdf -
THSU_Transport Statement - pages 1 - 8.pdf -
THSU_Transport Statement - pages 9 - 12.pdf -
validation consultation list.pdf - con list
Consultation comment 001.pdf - Comment from Thames Water
Site Plan.pdf -
Consultation comment 002.pdf - Objection from 75 Kessock Close
Consultation comment 004.pdf - Objection from 45 Yarmouth Crescent
Consultation comment 005.pdf - Comments from Building Control
Consultation comment 006.pdf - Comments from 32 Armadale Close
Consultation comment 007.pdf - Comments from environment agency
Consultation comment 008.pdf - Comments from London Underground
V025 Tottenham Hale Station Station Road N17 9LR (2).pdf - Comments from TFL
Consultation comment 009.pdf - Support from 18 Coppermill Heights, Ferry Lane, N17
Consultation comment 010.pdf - Comments from GLAAS
Consultation comment 011.pdf - Comments from WM
Consultation comment 012.pdf - Comments from The Mayor of London
TFL Comments.pdf - TFL Comments
GLA Letter.pdf -
Comment from Tottenham Hotspur.pdf - Comment from Tottenham Hotspur
Comment from Lee Valley Estates.pdf - Comment from Lee Valley Estates
Comment from Newlon Housing Trust.pdf - Comment from Newlon Housing Trust
Consultation comment 013.pdf - Objection from G Tingey 18 Woodbury Rd
Tottenham Hale Station works.pdf - Tottenham Hale Station works
Consultation comment 014.pdf - Comments from English Heritage
THSU_Local Employment_Jan 2014.pdf - THSU local employment
Consultation comment 015.pdf - Comments from Network Rail
Consultation comment 016.pdf - Comments from Matthew Girt - London Diocese
Comments from Thames Water.pdf - Comments from Thames Water
EA Query.pdf - EA Query
Comments from Transportation.pdf - Comments from Transportation
Comments from ISIS.pdf - Comments from ISIS
Comments from London Underground.pdf - \Comments from London Underground
TfL Conditions.pdf - TfL Conditions
Consultation comment 017.pdf - Comments from 14 Napier Road, N17
THSU_Cycling Note_Jan 2014.pdf - THSU_Cycling Note_Jan 2014
Consultation comment 018.pdf - Objection from 51 The Hale
Consultation comment 019.pdf - Objection from Cllr Lorna Reith
Consultation comment 020.pdf - Comments from The Environment Agency
Lift Provision Briefing Note_Feb2014.pdf -
Consultation comment 021.pdf - Comments from Environmental Health
Consultation comment 022.pdf - Comments from Argent Services
Consultation comment 023.pdf - Comments from Environmental Health
Consultation comment 024.pdf - Objection from 75 Kessock Close
Unite.pdf -
Consultation comment 025.pdf - Comments from Archdeacon of Hampstead
Tottenham Hale submission HDFC.pdf - Tottenham Hale submission HDFC
Hale Station EIA Screening opinion.pdf - Hale Station EIA Screening opinion
Consultation comment 026.pdf - Objection from 80 Armadale Close N17
THU CEEP FINAL 270214.pdf -
Planning Committee Report.pdf -
Comments from Greater London Authority.pdf - Comments from Greater London Authority
Comments from Greater London Authority (2).pdf - Comments from Greater London Authority Cont.
THSU_ Pedestrian Crossing Technical Note.pdf -
Consultation comment 027.pdf - Comments from Joanne McCarthy AM - London Assembly member for Enfield & Haringey
Consultation comment 028.pdf - Objection from RFHKPA
Consultation comment 029.pdf - Comments from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
Consultation comment 030.pdf - Objection from on behalf of Lee Valley Estates
Consultation comment 031.pdf - comments from Bellway
GLA Stage II Acknowledgement letter.pdf -
Mayor of London Confirmation.pdf - Confirmation of delegation from Mayor of London
Decision Notice.pdf -
Comments from The Mayor of London.pdf - Comments from The Mayor of London

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