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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

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Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Anthony Traub  
Applicant Name
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3pm21st December.pdf -
3pm21st June.pdf -
3pm21st March.pdf -
6pm21st June.pdf -
9am21st December.pdf -
9am21st June.pdf -
9am21st March.pdf -
12pm21st December.pdf -
12pm21st June.pdf -
12pm21st March.pdf -
25232-002-004a Primary Resi Access.pdf -
25232-002-005a Secondary Resi Access.pdf -
25232-002-006a Primary Hospital Access.pdf -
25232-002-007a Secondary Hospital Access.pdf -
28076 Accomodation Schedule.pdf -
28076 Accomodation Schedule-simplified.pdf -
28076-A-01-001-Location Plan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-01-002-Existing Site Plan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-01-002-Existing Site Plan-Rev P1(small).pdf -
28076-A-01-003-Illustrative Masterplan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-01-003-Illustrative Masterplan-Rev P1(small).pdf -
28076-A-01-101-Building Heights Parameter Plan -Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-01-102-Land Use Parameters with Areas-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-001-Landscape Masterplan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-001-Landscape Masterplan-Rev P1(small).pdf -
28076-A-02-101-Conservation Area and Extent of Application Plan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-102-Retained and Demolished Buildings Plan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-102-Retained and Demolished Buildings Plan-Rev P1(small).pdf -
28076-A-02-103-Retained, Converted and Demolished Wall Plan-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-104-Construction Phasing-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-105-Site layout of all units-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-106-Site layout - detailed element of applications-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-106-Site layout - detailed element of applications-Rev P1(small).pdf -
28076-A-02-107-Outline element of application- Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-02-107-Outline element of application- Rev P1(small).pdf -
28076-A-04-001-Section AA.pdf -
28076-A-04-002-Site Sections B&C.pdf -
28076-A-04-002-Site Sections B&C(small).pdf -
28076-A-04-003-Section D.pdf -
28076-A-04-003-Section D(small).pdf -
28076-A-05-001-Street Elevation of St. Anns Rd-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-05-002-Street Elevation rear of St Anns Road.pdf -
28076-A-05-101-Indicative Elevation-Interpatient Building-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-03-000-Ground Floor Plan-A1-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-03-001-First Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-03-002-Second Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-03-003-Third Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-03-004-Fourth Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-03-005-Roof Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-04-101-Section through Courtyard-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-04-101-Section through Courtyard-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-05-001-North Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-05-002-East Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-05-003-EastCourtyard Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-05-004-South Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-05-005-West Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKA-05-006-West Courtyard Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-03-000-Ground Floor Plan-A1-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-03-001-First Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-03-002-Second Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-03-003-Third Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-03-004-Fourth Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-03-005-Roof Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-05-001-North Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-03-000-Ground Floor Plan-A1-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-05-002-East Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-05-003-South Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKB-05-004-West Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-03-001-First Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-03-002-Second Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-03-003-Third Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-03-004-Fourth Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-03-005-Roof Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-05-001-North Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-05-002-East Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-05-003-South Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKC-05-004-West Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-03-000-Ground Floor Plan-A1-Rev P1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-03-001-First Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-03-002-Second Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-03-003-Third Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-03-004-Fourth Floor Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-03-005-Roof Plan-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-04-102-Section through Courtyard-A1.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-04-102-Section through Courtyard-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-05-001-North Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-05-002-East Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-05-003-East Courtyard Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-05-004-South Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-05-005-WestElevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-BLKD-05-006-West Courtyard Elevation-BM.pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-001-Mayfield House-A1.pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-001-Mayfield House-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-002-Mulberry House-A1.pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-002-Mulberry House-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-003-West Gate Lodge-A1.pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-003-West Gate Lodge-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-004-East Gate Lodge-A1.pdf -
28076-A-CON-03-004-East Gate Lodge-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-EXT-03-001-Mayfield House-A1.pdf -
28076-A-EXT-03-001-Mayfield House-A1(small).pdf -
28076-A-EXT-03-002-Mulberry House-A1.pdf -
28076-A-EXT-03-003-West Gate Lodge-A1.pdf -
28076-A-EXT-03-004-East Gate Lodge-A1.pdf -
28076-A-NEW-03-001-Plots 1+2-A1.pdf -
28076-A-NEW-03-002-Plots 3+4-A1.pdf -
28076-L-90-008 Landscape Legend.pdf -
28076-A-NEW-03-003-Plots 5+6-A1.pdf -
28076-L-90-001 Landscape Masterplan OUTLINE.pdf -
28076-L-90-001 Landscape Masterplan OUTLINE(small).pdf -
28076-L-90-009 Sheet Layout Plan.pdf -
28076-L-90-010 Landscape Masterplan 2014.pdf -
28076-L-90-010 Landscape Masterplan 2014(small).pdf -
28076-L-90-011 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 1.pdf -
28076-L-90-012 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 2.pdf -
28076-L-90-013 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 3.pdf -
28076-L-90-014 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 4.pdf -
28076-L-90-015 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 5.pdf -
28076-L-90-016 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 6.pdf -
28076-L-90-017 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 7.pdf -
28076-L-90-018 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 8.pdf -
28076-L-90-019 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 9-Rev P1-.pdf -
28076-L-90-020 Hard Landscape Details Sheet 10.pdf -
28076-L-90-021 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 1.pdf -
28076-L-90-022 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 2.pdf -
28076-L-90-023 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 3.pdf -
28076-L-90-024 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 4.pdf -
28076-L-90-027 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 7.pdf -
28076-L-90-025 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 5.pdf -
28076-L-90-026 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 6.pdf -
28076-L-90-028 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 8.pdf -
28076-L-90-029 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 9.pdf -
28076-L-90-030 Soft Landscape Details Sheet 10.pdf -
28076-L-90-031 Planting Schedule.pdf -
28076-L-90-032 Boundary Treatments Plan.pdf -
28076-L-90-032 Boundary Treatments Plan(small).pdf -
28076-L-90-033 Boundary Wall Elevation.pdf -
28076-L-90-034 Wall Detail Elevation.pdf -
28076-L-90-035 Gates and Rear Walls.pdf -
28076-L-90-036 Railing Details.pdf -
28076-L-90-037 Walls and Fencing.pdf -
28076-L-90-038 Podium Details Plan.pdf -
28076-L-90-039 Podium Planting Plan.pdf -
28076-L-90-040 Roof Gardens - Typical Details.pdf -
Application Form Scanned.pdf -
Application Form Scanned(small).pdf -
Arboricultural Implications Report and drawings.pdf -
Construction Logistics Plan 07.pdf -
CFSH Pre-Assessment.pdf -
Covering Letter.pdf -
Energy Strategy Report.pdf -
Energy Strategy Report(small).pdf -
plot.log -
Residential Travel Plan Framework 05.pdf -
Schedule of Accommodation Summary.pdf -
Service Vehicle Delivery Plan 06.pdf -
Shadow Analysis.pdf -
Shadow Analysis(small).pdf -
St Anns Planning Statement - Final.pdf - planning statement final
Statement of Community Involvement.pdf - Statement of community involvement
Transport Assesment 19.pdf -
validation consultation list.pdf -
Pages from The New St Ann's_DAS_LR_Part 1.pdf - DA
Pages from The New St Ann's_DAS_LR_Part 2.pdf - DA
Pages from The New St Ann's_DAS_LR_Part 3.pdf - DA
Pages from The New St Ann's_DAS_LR_Part 4.pdf - DA
Transport Assesment - part 1.pdf -
Transport Assesment - part 2.pdf -
Transport Assesment - part 3.pdf -
Statement of Community Involvement - part 1.pdf -
Statement of Community Involvement - part 2.pdf -
Statement of Community Involvement - part 3.pdf -
Residential Travel Plan Framework 05.pdf -
consultation comment 004.pdf - comments from Mr A S Akar
waste comments.pdf - Waste comments
Comments from Natural England.pdf - natural england
consultation comment 001.pdf - Objections from flat 5, 291 St Ann's Road
consultation comment 002.pdf - Supoort letter from Michael Chalmers
consultation comment 003.pdf - Objection from 57 Oakdale Road
Comments from Building Control.pdf - Comments from Building Control
consultation comment 005.pdf - comments from Jan O'Mahony
consultation comment 010.pdf - Comments by: Eileen De Souza
consultation comment 006.pdf - comments from Sport England
ES Volume 1.pdf -
Non Technical Summary 18 06 14.pdf -
Comments from Network Rail.pdf - Comments from Network Rail
consultation comment 007.pdf - Comments by: Cathy Graham
consultation comment 008.pdf - Comments from London Fire Brigade
Comments from TfL.pdf - Comments from TfL
consultation comment 009.pdf - Comments by: Moira Thunder
consultation comment 011.pdf - comments from H Deb
consultation comment 012.pdf - comments from Mr Socratis Ioannou
consultation comment 013.pdf - comments from Mr and Mrs Manka
consultation comment 014.pdf - comments from Laura Sunderland
Pages from ES Part 1.4.pdf -
consultation comment 015.pdf - Objection from Claudio Gusella, 59 Warwick Gardens
consultation comment 016.pdf - Objection from Xiaoru Song, 59 Warwick Gardens
Pages from ES Part 1.1.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 1.2.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 1.3.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 1.5.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 1.6.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 1.7.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.1.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.2.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.3.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.4.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.5.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.6.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.7.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.8.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.9.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.10.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.11.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.12.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.13.pdf -
Pages from ES Part 2.14.pdf -
Comments from Gardens Residents Association.pdf - Comments from Gardens Residents Association
consultation comment 018.pdf - Objection from 105 Rutlands Gardens
consultation comment 019.pdf - Objection from G Curtis
consultation comment 020.pdf - Objection from 105 Warwick Gardens
consultation comment 021.pdf - Objection from 55 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 022.pdf - Objection from 55 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 023.pdf - Objection from 18 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 024.pdf - Objection from 55 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 025.pdf - Objection from 5 Doncaster Gardens
consultation comment 026.pdf - Objection from 8 Cleveland Gardens
consultation comment 027.pdf - Objection from 8 Cleveland Gardens
consultation comment 028.pdf - Objection from 8 Cleveland Gardens
consultation comment 029.pdf - Objection from 8 Cleveland Gardens
consultation comment 030.pdf - Objection from 8 Cleveland Gardens
consultation comment 031.pdf - Objection from 5 Doncaster Gardens
consultation comment 032.pdf - Objection from 58 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 038.pdf - Comments by: Elizabeth Gray
consultation comment 017.pdf - Objection from Elizabeth Gray, 105 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 033.pdf - comments from Frances Boeuf
consultation comment 034.pdf - Comments by: Peter Miles
consultation comment 035.pdf - Comments by: Christopher
consultation comment 036.pdf - Comments by: Julia Bell
consultation comment 037.pdf - Comments by: Barbara Herman-Skelding
consultation comment 039.pdf - Comments by: P. Kennedy
consultation comment 040.pdf - Comments by: Rebecca Osborne
consultation comment 041.pdf - Comments by: Russell Finch
consultation comment 042.pdf - Comments by: Dr Lindsay Allen
consultation comment 048.pdf - Objection from 42 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 043.pdf - Comments from Paul Boeuf
consultation comment 044.pdf - Objection from 119 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 045.pdf - Objection from 119 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 046.pdf - Objection from 113 Stanhope Gardens
consultation comment 047.pdf - Comments from 115 Lothair Road North
consultation comment 049.pdf - Objection from 107 Roseberry Gardens
consultation comment 050.pdf - Objection from 36 Warwick Gardens
consultation comment 051.pdf - Objection from 68 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 052.pdf - Objection from 28 Roseberry Gardens
consultation comment 053.pdf - Objection from Flat 11, 7 Warwick Gardens
consultation comment 054.pdf - Objection from Ground Floor Flat, 108 Mattison Road
consultation comment 056.pdf - Objection from 11 Dorset Road
consultation comment 057.pdf - Objection from 22 Stanhope Gardens
Agent Response to Consultation Comments 21.07.14.pdf - Agent Response to consultation Comments
St Anns Reg 22 Letter 25072014.pdf - St Anns Reg 22 Letter 25072014
consultation comment 055.pdf - letter from GLA
consultation comment 066.pdf - Objection from Flat 2, 299 Green Lanes
consultation comment 058.pdf - Objection from 22 Stanhope Gardens
Comments from Woodland Park RA.pdf - Comments from Woodland Park RA.pdf
consultation comment 060.pdf - Comments from Woodland Park Residents Association
consultation comment 061.pdf - Objection from Tamara Capellaro
consultation comment 062.pdf - Objection from 84 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 063.pdf - Objection from 84 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 064.pdf - Support from 12 Alton Road
consultation comment 065.pdf - Objection from Paul Yarrow
consultation comment 074.pdf - Objection from Robert, 58 Chalgrove Road
consultation comment 075.pdf - Objection from Jo Dowle, 47 Seaford Road
consultation comment 076.pdf - Objection from HaNSAH (Haringey Needs St Ann's Hospital)
Applicant Response - Additional Information Regarding Flood Risk Assessment 05.08.14.pdf - Applicant Response / Additional Information
consultation comment 067.pdf - objection from flat 1 299 Green Lanes
consultation comment 068.pdf - Objection from Sophie Charles
consultation comment 069.pdf - Objection from Rupa
consultation comment 070.pdf - Objection from Tamara Capellaro
consultation comment 071.pdf - Objection from Maurice Jones
consultation comment 072.pdf - Objection from R Johnson
consultation comment from St Anns CAAC.pdf - Comments from St Ann's CAAC
GLA Stage 1 Referral.pdf - GLA Stage 1 Referral
consultation comment 082.pdf - Objection from Z Gilbertson
consultation comment 083.pdf - Objection from 262a Alexandra Park Road
Comments from Tottenham CAAC.pdf - Comments from Tottenham CAAC
consultation comment 077.pdf - Objection from 4 Earlham Grove
consultation comment 078.pdf - Objection from 7 Carrick Gardens
consultation comment 079.pdf - Objection from 91 Beresford Road
consultation comment 080.pdf - Objection from 56 Grand Parade
consultation comment 081.pdf - Objection from 6 Monterey Apartments, 103 Cornwall Road
consultation comment 084.pdf - Objection from 17 Ranelagh Road
consultation comment 085.pdf - Objection from Mrs Hearne
consultation comment 086.pdf - Objection from 167b Langham Road
consultation comment 087.pdf - Objection from 2 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 088.pdf - Objection from 54 Station Crescent
consultation comment 089.pdf - Objection from 52 Turners Court, 252 St. Ann's Road
consultation comment 090.pdf - Objection from 5 Highpoint, North Hill
consultation comment 091.pdf - Objection from 1 Terront Road
consultation comment 093.pdf - Objection from Jo Ann Kaplan
consultation comment 092.pdf - Objection from 28 Albany Road
consultation comment from English Heritage - Archaeology Adviser.pdf - Comments from Adam Single, Archaeology Adviser, English Heritage
consultation comment 094.pdf - Objection from 110 Mount View Road
consultation comment 095.pdf - Objection from 146 Arnold Road
consultation comment 096.pdf - Objection from 33 Linzee Road
consultation comment 097.pdf - Comments by: ruth moulton
consultation comment 098.pdf - Objection from Jagtar Behal, 4 Cissbury Road N15 5QS
consultation comment 099.pdf - Support from Mental Health Support Association,
consultation comment 100.pdf - Comments from Ladder Community Safety Partnership
consultation comment 101.pdf - Objection from Haringey Housing Action Group
consultation comment 102.pdf - Objection from Helen Haigh 75 Seaford Road
consultation comment 103.pdf - Objection from nora kirkwood, keston road
consultation comment 104.pdf - Objection from Haringey Solidarity Group
consultation comments from The Victorian Society.pdf - Comments from The Victorian Society
consultation comment 109.pdf - Comments by Myfanwy T.
consultation comment 110.pdf - Support from CgMs on behalf of Provewell Estates who are the freehold owner of the Arena Design Centre.
consultation comment 111.pdf - Objection from Caroline lemmon, 63 Hewitt road
consultation comment 112.pdf - Objection from Flat 1, 299 Green Lanes
consultation comment 113.pdf - Objection from 32 St Ann's Road
consultation comment 114.pdf - Objection from Flat 2 522 Green Lanes
consultation comment 115.pdf - Objection from 108 West Green Road
consultation comment 116.pdf - Objection from 39 Etherley Road
consultation comment 117.pdf - Comments by: Lucy Jaffe
consultation comment 118.pdf - Objection from Francis Oeser
consultation comment 119.pdf - Objection from 146 Arnold Road
consultation comments from The Metropolitan Police.pdf - Comments from Metropolitan Police - Design/Crime Officer
consultation comment 105.pdf - Comments by: Liam Tobin
consultation comment 106.pdf - comments by Yvonne Field
consultation comment 107.pdf - comments by Catherine Cavanagh
consultation comment 108.pdf - comments by David Divers
Comments from Environment Agency.pdf - Comments from Environment Agency
Comments from English Heritage dated 15 October 2014.pdf - Comments from English Heritage dated 15 October 2014
Comments from Commercial Environmental Health.pdf - Comments from Commercial Environmental Health
waste comments.pdf -
consultation comment 120.pdf - Comments from 17 Warwick Gardens
consultation comment 121.pdf - Objection from Mr S C Jones
consultation comment 123.pdf - Objection from 23 Clarence Road
Comments from English Heritage dated 23 October 2014.pdf - Comments from English Heritage dated 23 October 2014
Comments from Environment Agency 2.pdf - Comments from Environment Agency 2
Comments from Met police.pdf - Comments from Met Police
consultation comment 124.pdf - Comments by: Aron James
consultation comment 125.pdf - Comments by: Julia Cooke
consultation comment 130.pdf - Objection from 57 Chesterfield Gardens
consultation comment 135.pdf - Objection from Tom Goldsmith
consultation comment 126.pdf - Comments from T Woodcock
consultation comment 127.pdf - Comments from 51 Rutland Gardens
consultation comment 128.pdf - Comments from Turners Court Residents Association
consultation comment 129.pdf - Objection from 272 Hermitage Road
consultation comment 132.pdf - Objection from 105 Stanhope Grdens
consultation comment 133.pdf - Objection from 44 Beechfield Road
consultation comment 134.pdf - Objection from Simon Fisher
consultation comment 136.pdf - Comments from London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
consultation comment 146.pdf - Objection from 41 Keston Road
consultation comment 137.pdf - Objection from 14 Nelson Road
consultation comment 138.pdf - Objection from 146 Broad Lane
consultation comment 139.pdf - Objection from 45 Oakdale Road
consultation comment 140.pdf - Objection from 15 Jansons Road
consultation comment 141.pdf - Objection from Oludolapo Soboyede
consultation comment 143.pdf - Objection from 42 Glenwood Road
consultation comment 144.pdf - Objection from Deputy Prime Minister
consultation comment 145.pdf - Objection from Rod Wells
consultation comment 148.pdf - Comments by 19 Birstall Road
consultation comment 151.pdf - Objection from 73 Hewitt Road
Final Housing comments.pdf - Final Housing comments
consultation comment 147.pdf - Objection from 20 Beechfield
Comments from GLA.pdf - Comments from GLA
consultation comment 150.pdf - Objection from 14 Wakefield Road
consultation comment 149.pdf - Objection from 3 Earlsmead Road
Comments from Conservation Officer.pdf - Comments from Conservation Officer
Comments from Arboriculturalist.pdf - Comments from Arboriculturalist
Comments from Commercial Environmental Health 2.pdf - Comments from Commercial Environmental Health 2
28076-A-00-002-Extent of Full and Outline Application Plan-R.pdf -
consultation comment 152.pdf - Objection from Sophia
consultation comment 154.pdf - Objection from 22 Monterey Gardens, 103 Cornwall Road
consultation comment 155.pdf - Objection from 100a Mattison Road
28076-A-00-001-Site Plan-A4.pdf -
28076-A-00-003-Construction Phasing-R.pdf -
consultation comment 158.pdf - Objection from 91 Hewitt Road
consultation comment 157.pdf - Objection from 56 Seaford Road
consultation comment 156.pdf - Objection from 30a Connaught Gardens
Additional Comments from Transportation.pdf - Additional Comments from Transportation
Consultation Comments from David Lammy MP and Catherine West.pdf - Consultation Comments from David Lammy MP and Catherine West
consultation comment 159.pdf - Objection from 98 Avenue
consultation comment 161.pdf - Objection from 48R Conway Road
consultation comment 168.pdf - comment from Tottenham Labour Party
consultation comment 162.pdf - Objection from 68 Seymour Road
consultation comment 163.pdf - Objection from Mrs Clark
consultation comment 164.pdf - Objection from 45 Keston Road
consultation comment 165.pdf - Objection from 9 Park Ridings
consultation comment 166.pdf - Comments from 3 Elgin Rd
St Anns Financial Viability Report-redacted version issued march 2015.pdf - .
consultation comment 169.pdf - Comments from cllrs Blake, Morton and Ozbek
Letter from Greater London Authority 23.03.2015.pdf - Letter from Greater London Authority 23.03.2015
consultation comment 172.pdf - Objection from Tamara Capellaro
Condensed Comments.pdf -
consultation comment 170.pdf - Objection from H Steel
GLAís Stage II comments for St Annís Hospital.pdf - stage 2 comments
consultation comment 171.pdf - Objection from 40 Beaconsfield Road
Correspondence from Mayor of London 31.03.2015.pdf - Correspondence from Mayor of London 31.03.2015
St Anns Completed s106 Part 2 - 100715 doc.pdf - S106 Doc (2)
St Anns Completed s106 Part 1 - 100715 doc.pdf - S106 Doc (1)
Public reports pack 16032015 1900 Planning Sub Committee.pdf -
St Anns dev report.pdf -
Decision Notice.pdf -
Planning Cttee 2015.03.16 - addendum.pdf -

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