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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

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Case officer
Robbie McNaugher  
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Agent Address


Apex House - Planning Drawings (part 1).pdf -
Apex House - Planning Drawings (part 2).pdf -
Apex House Arboricultural Report.pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 1).pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 2).pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 3).pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 4).pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 5).pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 6).pdf -
Apex House Design & Access Statement (part 7).pdf -
Apex House Economics Benefits Assessment.pdf -
Apex House Energy Statement (part 1).pdf -
Apex House Energy Statement (part 2).pdf -
Apex House Energy Statement (part 3).pdf -
Apex House Energy Statement (part 4).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary.pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 1).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 2).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 3).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 4).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 5).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 6).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 1 (part 7).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 2 (part 1).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 2 (part 2).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 2 (part 3).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 2 (part 4).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 2 (part 5).pdf -
Apex House Environmental Statement Volume 2 (part 6).pdf -
Apex House Equality Impact Assessment.pdf -
Apex House Flood Risk Assessment Report.pdf -
Apex House Health Impact Assessment.pdf -
Apex House Planning Statement.pdf - Planning Statement
Apex House Statement of Community Involvement.pdf - Statement of Community Involvement
Apex House Transport Assessment (part 1).pdf -
Apex House Transport Assessment (part 2).pdf -
Apex House Transport Assessment (part 3).pdf -
Application form.pdf -
validation consultation list.pdf - Validation consultation list
Comments from Building Control.pdf -
Consultation Comments 007.pdf - Objection from 703a Seven Sisters Road
Consultation Comments 001.pdf - Objection from Flat 3, 212 Page Green Terrace
Consultation Comments 002.pdf - Objection from Angela Bowron, Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 003.pdf - Objection from Mirian Ives, Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 004.pdf - Objection from 1 Stonebridge Road
Consultation Comments 005.pdf - Objection from A. Bebington
Consultation Comments 006.pdf - Objection from 11 Springfield Road
Comments from designing out crime officer.pdf - Objection from 134 Stonebride Road
Consultation Comments 008.pdf - Objection from 818 Seven Sisters Road
Final Viability Report Apex House (Redacted Version).pdf -
Consultation Comments 009.pdf - Objection from 32 Earlsme
Consultation Comments 010.pdf - Objection from 61 Handsworth Road
Consultation Comments 011.pdf -
Consultation Comments 012.pdf - Objction from 73a St Johns Road
Consultation Comments 013.pdf - Consultation Commets Unit 57 Seven Sisters Market
Consultation Comments 015.pdf - Objection from E. Holland
Consultation Comments 014.pdf - Objection from 76 Beechfield Road
Consultation Comments 027.pdf - Objection from James Middleston, Roslyn Road
Consultation Comments 016.pdf - Objection from 19a Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 017.pdf - Objection from Flat 2, 212 High Road
Consultation Comments 018.pdf - Objection from 56 Seaford Road
Consultation Comments 019.pdf - Objection from 18a Wakefield
Consultation Comments 020.pdf - Objection from N Griffiths
Consultation Comments 021.pdf - Objection from 14 Nelson Road
Consultation Comments 022.pdf - Objection from 14 Wakefiled Road
Consultation Comments 023.pdf - Support from JB
Consultation Comments 024.pdf - Objection from Trevor Nunn, Rosslyn Road
Consultation Comments 025.pdf - Objection from 8 Gloucester Road
Consultation Comments 026.pdf - Objection from 166 Page Green Terrace
Comments from Waste Management.pdf -
Consultation Comments 028.pdf - Objection from 14 Nelson Road
Consultation Comments 029.pdf - Objection from 4 Wakefield Road
Consultation Comments 030.pdf - Objection from Javeria Gilmore-Khan, Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 031.pdf - Comments by Andrew
Comments from Housing Enabling Officer.pdf -
Acknowledgement Letter from GLA 20.10.15.pdf - Letter from Greater London Authority
Consultation Comments 032.pdf - Comments from Anon
Consultation Comments 033.pdf - Comments from Flat 3, 41 Mount Pleasant Rd
Consultation Comments 034.pdf - Comments from 74 St Loy's Road
Consultation Comments 035.pdf - Comments from 40 Beaconsfield Rd
Consultation Comments 037.pdf - Comments from 40 Braconsfield Road
Consultation Comments 038.pdf - Comments from 17 Morrison Avenue
Consultation Comments 039.pdf - Comments from 141 Roslyn Rd, Andrew Teacher
Consultation Comments 040.pdf - Comments from 141 Roslyn Rd, Claire Bedouin
Consultation Comments 041.pdf - Comments from 146 Broad Lane
Comments from Waste.pdf -
Comments from LFEPA.pdf - Comments from London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
Consultation Comments 043.pdf - Comments from Ben Pearce
Consultation Comments 044.pdf - Objection from Unit 37, 5 Fountayne Road
Consultation Comments 045.pdf - Objection from 10 Chester Road, Bruce Grove/Philip Lane
Consultation Comments 046.pdf - Objection from 15 Earlsmead Rd,
Consultation Comments 047.pdf - Comments from Bibsi
Consultation Comments 048.pdf - Support from A.Demetrioy
Consultation Comments 049.pdf - Objection from 11 Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 050.pdf - Objection from Ian, Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 051.pdf - Objection from J.J. Best, Morrison Ave
Consultation Comments 052.pdf - Objection from Fiona Sutherland, Mount Pleasant Road
Consultation Comments 053.pdf - Objection from Karin Lock, 52 Dowsett Road
Consultation Comments 054.pdf - Objection from 146 Arnold Rd
Consultation Comments 055.pdf - Objection from 42 Glenwood Road
Consultation Comments 056.pdf - Objection from 9 Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 057.pdf - Objection from 16 Ripon Road
Consultation Comments 058.pdf - Comments from 2 Cissbury Road
Apex House - Townscape Heritage and Visual Impact Assessment_Part1.pdf -
Apex House - Townscape Heritage and Visual Impact Assessment_Part2.pdf -
Consultation Comments 059.pdf - Objection from 190 High Road
Consultation Comments 060.pdf - Objection from 3 Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 061.pdf - Objection from Mrs Poole, Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 062.pdf - Objection from N Franklin, Pembroke Road, N15
Consultation Comments 063.pdf - Objection from 13 Wakefield Road
Consultation Comments 064.pdf - Objection from 31 Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 065.pdf - Objection from 4 Westerfield Road
Consultation Comments 066.pdf - Objection from 20 Townsend Road
Consultation Comments 067.pdf - Objection from 20 Townsend Road
Consultation Comments 068.pdf - Support from Market Asset Management Ltd
Consultation Comments 069.pdf - Objection from Ms Griffith
Consultation Comments 070.pdf - Objection from 14 Wakefield Road
Consultation Comments 071.pdf - Objection from 34 Townsend Road
Consultation Comments 072.pdf - Objection from Yeliz, Arnold road
Consultation Comments 073.pdf - Objection from 3 Townsend Road
Consultation Comments 074.pdf - Objection from 25 Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 075.pdf - Objection from 18 Townsend Rd
Consultation Comments 076.pdf - Objection from Catherine Suttle
Consultation Comments 077.pdf - Objection from 176 Page Green Terrace
Consultation Comments 078.pdf - Objection from 158 High Road
Consultation Comments 079.pdf - Objection from 18 Earlsmead road
Initial Comments from Transport for London.pdf - Transportation for London
Consultation Comments 080.pdf - Objection from 21 Pembroke Rd
Consultation Comments 081.pdf - Objection from 41 Birkbeck Road
Consultation Comments 082.pdf - Objection from 4 Westerfield Road
Comments from Principal Economic Growth Officer.pdf - Comments from Principal Economic Growth Officer
Comments from Commercial Environmental Health.pdf - Comments from Lead Pollution officer
Consultation Comments 083.pdf - Objection from 55 Clyde Road
Consultation Comments 084.pdf - Objection from Flat 1, 190 Page Green Terrace
Consultation Comments 085.pdf - Objection from Flat 6, 182 High Road
Consultation Comments 086.pdf - Objection from 31 Earlsmead Road
Consultation Comments 087.pdf - Objection from 3 West Green Road
Consultation Comments 088.pdf - Objection from Haringey Housing Action Group
Consultation Comments 089.pdf - Objection from Jane Laporte
Consultation Comments 090.pdf - Objection from 15 Jansons Road
Consultation Comments 091.pdf - Objection from Christine Lewis
Consultation Comments 092.pdf - Objection from William Booth
Consultation Comments 093.pdf - Objection from Samantha
Consultation Comments 094.pdf - Objection from 32 Colless Road
Consultation Comments 095.pdf - Comments from Flat 3, 264 High Rd, N15
Consultation Comments 096.pdf - Comments from 818 Seven Sisters Rd
Consultation Comments 097.pdf - Objection from 93 Campbell Road
GLA Stage 1 Response.pdf - GLA Stage 1 Response
Consultation Comments 098.pdf - Objection from Cathy, Beaconsfield Road
Consultation Comments 099.pdf - Objection from 21 Ashmount Road
Consultation Comments 100.pdf - Objection from Mitchell
Consultation Comments 101.pdf - Objection from 33 Woodside Gardens
Consultation Comments 102.pdf - Objection from 26 Commonwealth Road
Consultation Comments 103.pdf - Objection from 5 Nelson Road
Consultation Comments 104.pdf - Objection from Noel Treacy
Consultation Comments 105.pdf - Objection from Margaret Burr
Consultation Comments 106.pdf - Objection from 91 Roslyn Road
Consultation Comments 107.pdf - Objection from M Yacoob
Consultation Comments 108.pdf - Objection from 30 Beaconsfield Road
Consultation Comments 109.pdf - Comments from 49 Clonmell Rd N17
Consultation Comments 110.pdf - comments from A Gaheer
Consultation Comments 111.pdf - comments from Page Green Residents Association
Consultation Comments 112.pdf - Comments from 15 Grove Park Road
Consultation Comments 113.pdf - Comments from Unit 56 Seven Sisters Rd, N15
Consultation Comments 114.pdf - Comments from 54 Grove Park Rd
Consultation Comments 115.pdf - Comments from 18 Townsend Road N15
Consultation Comments 116.pdf - comments form Nurun
Consultation Comments 117.pdf - Objection from Michelle
Consultation Comments 118.pdf - comments from Stephanie Wood
Consultation Comments 119.pdf - Comments from 5 Langham Place, N15
Consultation Comments 120.pdf - Objection from Narendra Patel
Consultation Comments 121.pdf - Objection from Brijesh Patel
Consultation Comments 122.pdf - Objection from Malti Patel
Consultation Comments 123.pdf - Comments from 44 Roslyn Road, N15
Consultation Comments 124.pdf - Comments from 21 Gospatrick Road
Consultation Comments 125.pdf - Comments from Nicholas Amayo
Objection from Tottenham Conservation Area Advisory Committee.pdf - Objection from Tottenham Conservation Area Advisory Committee
Consultation Comments 126.pdf - Objection from 14 Gaydon House
Overheating Study - Rev 02.pdf - Overheating Study
Consultation Comments 127.pdf - Objection from 22b Colless Road
Consultation Comments 128.pdf - Support from Lee Vallety Estates, Heron House, Hale Wharf
Consultation Comments 129.pdf - Support from Lee Vallety Estates
Consultation Comments 130.pdf - Objection from 108 Arnold Rd N15
Consultation Comments 131.pdf - Objection from Anon
Historic England.pdf - historic england comments
Revised CGI.jpg -
1584 Area Schedule BASE SCHEME - 151217.pdf -
1584-G200-E-NW-001.pdf -
1584-G200-E-SW-001.pdf -
1584-G200-P-00-001.pdf -
Comments from Historic England.pdf - Comments from Historic England
Consultation Comments 132.pdf - Objection from 32a Earlsmead Road
Comments from Thames Water.pdf -
Consultation Comments 133.pdf - Objection from 9 Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 134.pdf - Objection from 818 Seven Sisters Road
Consultation Comments 135.pdf - Objection from 166 High Road
Consultation Comments 136.pdf - Objection from 13 Wakefield Road
Consultation Comments 137.pdf - Objection from B. Pearce
Consultation Comments 138.pdf - Comments from 6 Colless Road
Consultation Comments 139.pdf - Objection from Gina Candy
Consultation Comments 140.pdf - Support from 110 Stonebridge Road
Consultation Comments 141.pdf - Objection from 14 Wakefield Road
Consultation Comments 142.pdf - Comments from 44 Roslyn Road
London underground comments.pdf - London underground comments
Consultation Comments 143.pdf - objection from pembroke road
Consultation Comments 144.pdf - objection from 40 beaconsfield road
Comments from Designing Out Crime Officer.pdf - comment from designing out crime officer
Hoare Lee Energy Response.pdf -
Let-GLA-22.12.15 FINAL.pdf -
Apex House HGY-2015-2915.pdf -
Consultation Comments 145.pdf - Objection from Polly
SuDS Flows and Volumns - Completed Form.pdf -
SuDS Flows and Volumns - Completed Form.pdf -
Notes on surface water drainage design to support planning application f....pdf -
1411-500-41.pdf -
1411-500-SK05.pdf -
Consultation Comments 146.pdf - Objection from Flat 1, 190 Page Green Terrace
Consultation Comments 147.pdf - Objection from Aurora
Consultation Comments 148.pdf - Objection from 4 Westerfield Road
Consultation Comments 149.pdf - Objection from 76 The Weymarks
Consultation Comments 150.pdf - Objection from 23 Colless Rd
Comments from Historic England 2.pdf -
Consultation Comments 151.pdf - Objection from 53 Clyde Rd
Consultation Comments 152.pdf - Objection from 80 Eleanor Close
Consultation Comments 153.pdf - Objection from Felicia Opoku
Consultation Comments 154.pdf - Objection from Kwame Osei-Tutu
Consultation Comments 155.pdf - Objection from Rebecca Opoku
Consultation Comments 156.pdf - Comments from 18 Earlsmead Rd
Consultation Comments 157.pdf - Objection from B Press, Colless Rd
Consultation Comments 158.pdf - Objection from 22a Colless Rd
Consultation Comments 159.pdf - Objection from Javeria Gilmore-Khan
Consultation Comments 160.pdf - Objection from 4 Marshgate, School Lane
Consultation Comments 161.pdf - Objection from 198a Page Green Rd
Consultation Comments 162-170.pdf - Objection from 29 Earlsmead Road, 22a Colless Road, 12 Ashmount Road, 17 Earlsmead Road, 203 Stonebridge Road,3 Colless Road, 20b Ashmount Road, 18 Pembroke Road, Flat 18 205 High Road N15
Consultation Comments 171-180.pdf - Objection from 2a Townsend Road, 18 Pembroke Road, 200f High Road, 198a Page Green Terrace, Flat 6, 182 High Road, 190 Page Green Terrace, Flat 1, 190 High Road, 194 High Road, 198 Page Green Terrace, 194 Page Green Terrace.
Consultation Comments 181-189.pdf - Objection from 200f High Road, Flat 12 Seacole Court, 205 High Road, 3b Ashmount Road, 16b Ashmount Road, 16a Ashmount Road, 19 Wakefield Road, 16 Earlsmead Road, 3 Earlsmead Road, 200f High Road
Consultation Comments 190-199.pdf - Objection from 200f High Road, 198a Page Green Terrace, 22 Earlsmead Road, 20 Pembroke Road, 201 Stonebridge Road, 199 Stonebridge Road, 197 Stonebridge Road, 159 Stonebridge Road, 10 Colless Road, 198 Page Green Terrace
Consultation Comments 200-209.pdf - Objection from Flat 2, 192 Page Green Terrace, Flat 3, 176 Page Green Terrace, 200c High Road, Flat G, 200 High Road, 200g High Road, 14 Seacole Court, 205 High Road, 162 High Road, 166 Page Terrace, 196a High Road, N15
Consultation Comments 210-220.pdf - Objection from GFF, 176 High Road, 178 Page Green Terrace, 28 Pembroke Road, 33 Townsend Road, FFF, 178 Page Green Terrace, 196a High Road, 176 High Road, 25 Wakefield Road, 198 High Road, 25 Wakefield Road, 31 Earlsmead Road, N15
Apex heritage response_160118.pdf -
ECONIC_Single%20pages%20vAug08.pdf -
160120_Apex House_GLA Overheating Comments Responses.pdf -
Consultation Comments 221.pdf - Objection from local resident
Consultation Comments 222.pdf - Objection from 17 Pembroke Road
Consultation Comments 223.pdf - Objection from JJ Best
Comments from Carbon Management.pdf - Comments from Carbon Management
Apex House wind assessment summary statement.pdf - Apex House wind assessment summary statement
Email from GLA with Apex House post stage 1 energy comments (2).pdf - Email from GLA with Apex House post stage 1 energy comments (2)
Amended Drawing 1584-G200-E-NW-001_Rev01.pdf - Amended Drawing
Amended Drawing 1584-G200-P-00-001.pdf - Amended Drawing
Amended Drawing 1414-510-21.pdf - Amended Drawing
Amended Drawing 1584-G200-E-SW-001_Rev01.pdf - Amended Drawing
Consultation Comments 224.pdf - Support letter from Flat 3, 212 Page Green Terrace.
Transportation comments.pdf -
Consultation Comments 225.pdf - Support from Clare Healy
Revised plans 07.03.2016.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584_Apex_Drawing Issue Sheet 160307.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-E-N-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-E-NW-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-00-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-02-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-03-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-04-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-05-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-06-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-07-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-08_17-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-18_19-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-20-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-21_22-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-00-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-00-002.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-01-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-01-002.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-02-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-02-002.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-03-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-03-002.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-04-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-05-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-05-002.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-07-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-08_17-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-18_19-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-20-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-D-21_22-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-P-RF-001.pdf -
Revised plans 07.03.2016 1584-G200-S-DD-001.pdf -
Wind tunnel analysis.pdf - Wind tunnel analysis
1584_Apex_Drawing Issue Sheet 160406.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-S-DD-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-05-002.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-03-002.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-02-002.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-01-002.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-00-002.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-RF-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-21_22-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-20-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-18_19-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-08_17-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-07-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-05-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-04-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-03-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-02-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-01-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-D-00-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-21_22-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-20-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-18_19-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-08_17-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-07-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-06-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-05-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-04-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-03-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-02-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-01-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-00-001.pdf - Revised Drawings
1584-G200-P-00-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584_Apex_Drawing Issue Sheet 160406.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-S-DD-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-05-002.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-03-002.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-02-002.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-01-002.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-00-002.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-RF-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-21_22-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-20-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-18_19-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-08_17-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-07-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-05-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-04-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-03-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-02-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-01-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-D-00-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-21_22-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-20-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-18_19-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-08_17-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-07-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-06-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-05-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-04-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-03-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-02-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584-G200-P-01-001.pdf - Amended plans
1584_Detail_withdoor_lower.jpg -
20160407 Apex House wind tunnel review RWDI #1600358.pdf - wind tunnel review
comments from conservation officer.pdf -
Planning Committee Report.pdf -
Appendix 2.pdf -
Appendix 3.pdf -
Appendix 4.pdf -
Appendix 5.pdf -
Appendix 6.pdf -
Appendix 7.pdf -
Consultation Comments 226.pdf - Objection from 74 St Loy's Rd
Consultation Comments 227.pdf - Objection from 14 Nelson Road
Consultation Comments 228.pdf - Support from First House, Stonebridge Road
Conservation comments.pdf - conservation comments
Consultation Comments 229.pdf - support from 10 butterfly court bathhurst square
Consultation Comments 230.pdf - objection form 97 kirkton road
Planning Committee Addedum Report.pdf -
Consultation Comments 231.pdf - Objection from 14 Seacole Court
Consultation Comments 232.pdf - support from ben hewins
Letter from GLA.pdf - Letter from Greater London Authority
Consultation Comments 233.pdf - Comments from Christine Ibrahim received 29.06.2016.
Decision Notice.pdf - decision notice
S106 Decision.pdf - S106 Decision

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