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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

Reference number
Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Tobias Finlayson  
Applicant Name
Agent name
Applicant Address
Agent Address


ApplicationForm.pdf - AF
ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf -
DAS part 1 of 5.pdf -
DAS part 2 of 5.pdf -
DAS part 3 of 5.pdf -
DAS part 4 of 5.pdf -
DAS part 5 of 5.pdf -
r_160630 Monument Way Application Drawings Final V5_Part1.pdf -
r_160630 Monument Way Application Drawings Final V5_Part2.pdf -
r_160630 Monument Way Application Drawings Final V5_Part3.pdf -
8_772_Monument Way_Energy Statement_160915.pdf -
8772_Monument Way Sustainability Statement_160915.pdf -
8772_Monument Way_Air Quality Assessment_160915.pdf -
LR01-16399 - Newlon Housing Trust - Monument Way - Vibration Assessment.pdf -
Monument Way - Transport Statement 16.09.2016 with figs.pdf -
P2719-4-003_4 TreeProtection.pdf -
SK 160915-1 TreeRootoverproposedOverlay.pdf -
R_160820_Fairbanks Road_QRP report response_final.pdf -
8772_Monument Way_DSO Report_1600914_issued to LPA.pdf -
RP01-16399 - Newlon Housing Trust - Monument Way - Noise Assessment.pdf -
03.10.2016 Air Quality Assessment.pdf -
03.10.2016 concept sketches.pdf -
03.10.2016 Ecological report.pdf -
03.10.2016 Energy Statement.pdf -
03.10.2016 ILLUSTRATIVE MASTERPLAN_alternative parking option.pdf -
03.10.2016 Letter.pdf -
03.10.2016 Noise Assessment.pdf -
03.10.2016 Residential travel plan.pdf -
03.10.2016 Response to QRP comments.pdf -
03.10.2016 Sunlight and daylight report.pdf -
03.10.2016 Sustainability Statement.pdf -
03.10.2016 Transport Statement.pdf -
03.10.2016 Tree Protection drawing.pdf -
03.10.2016 Tree Rootover proposed Overlay.pdf -
03.10.2016 Vibration Assessment.pdf -
Statement.pdf -
Monument Way - RTP 21.09.2016 (Draft).pdf -
P2719.1.0 - Monument Way, Haringey PEA FINAL.pdf -
P2719.4.0 - Monument Way, Haringey AIA October 2016.pdf -
161109_SCI document_emailable.pdf - Statement of Community Involvement report
16017_ 00_07_004 - SITE PLAN PROPOSED.pdf -
16017_ 00_07_010 - GROUND FLOOR PLAN.pdf -
R_160820_Fairbanks Road_Revised QRP report response_161114_print marks_low.pdf -
validation consultation list.pdf -
Waste management comments.pdf -
Natural England comments.pdf -
Comments from London Fire Authority.pdf -
comments from Transport for London.pdf -
Consultation comment 002.pdf - Objection from Mussington House, Flat 15, Stainby Rd
Consultation comment 003.pdf - Objection from 39 Fairbanks Road
Comments from Design Out Crime Officer, Metropolitan Police Service.pdf -
Comments from Thames Water.pdf -
Consultation comment 004.pdf - Objection from Paul Hughes
Comments from Head of Carbon Management.pdf -
Consultation comment 005.pdf - Objection from 29 Fairbanks Road
Consultation comment 006.pdf - Comments from 20 Chesnut Road
Transport Statement Addendum 20.01.2017.pdf -
Comments from Lead Officer Pollution.pdf -
Comments from Tree and Nature Conservation Manager.pdf -
Newlon response to energy issues.pdf -
Comments from Transportation.pdf -
Comments from Design Officer.pdf -
Report 130217 committee.pdf - Committee report for 130217 meeting
Comments from Design Out Crime Officer, Metropolitan Police Service 2.pdf - Comments from Design Out Crime Officer - removal of objection
Right of Light Consulting Letter to Haringey.pdf - RIght to Light letter
Applicant reponse to daylight-sunlight letter.pdf - Applicant's reponse to daylight/sunlight letter
Decision Notice.pdf -
S106 Decision (1).pdf - S106 Decision

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