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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

Reference number
Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Aaron Lau  
Applicant Name
Agent name
Applicant Address
Agent Address


2902-200 Site Plan & Ex Ground Bracken Knoll(2).pdf -
2902-201 Approved Basement & Ground Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-202 Ex & Approved Roof Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-203 Rev B Ex & Prop Front Elev & Prop Roof Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-204 Rev B Ex, Approv & Prop Rear Elev Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-205 Rev B Ex, Approv & Prop Side Elevs Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-206 Rev B Ex & Prop Front Elev Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-207 Rev B Ex & Prop Rear Elev Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-209 Rev A Proposed Basement Tree Report Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-210 Rev B Proposed Ground Fl Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-211 Rev B Proposed 1st, 2nd & R Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-212 Approved 1st, 2nd & R Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-213 Existing 1st, 2nd & R Bracken Knoll.pdf -
2902-214 Existing & Prop Section X Bracken Knoll.pdf -
7528-ac-17-0305 (Arendt).pdf -
ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf -
Bracken geotechnical.pdf -
Bracken Knoll Consent 04.04.2014(1).pdf -
Bracken Knoll Dust Emissions and non Road Mobile Machinery Assessment.pdf -
Bracken Knoll Energy Statement.pdf -
Bracken Knoll Historical Planning Statement 11 Nov 13 FINAL.pdf -
Bracken Knoll Shoring and Facade Restraint.pdf -
Bracken Knoll, Root Investigations June 2013.pdf -
Bracken Knoll. March 2017 application. Tree Survey ..pdf -
Daylight Report (Bracken Knoll - DLSL & ROL Review).pdf -
Design & Access Statement Bracken Knoll Oct 13.pdf -
Drainage Strategy Report Bracken Knoll.pdf -
Submission Letter 06.03.170000.pdf -
TheLocationPlan_included_in_SiteandOtherPlans.pdf -
Comments from Building Control.pdf -
Objection from The Highgate Society.pdf -
Comments from conservation.pdf -
Letter from Stephen Mullens.pdf -
EoT Haringey 04.08.170000.pdf -
Comments from Lead Officer - Pollution.pdf -
Comments from Head of Building Control.pdf -
Decision Notice.pdf -
Officer Report.pdf -

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