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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

Reference number
Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Christopher Smith  
Applicant Name
Agent name
Applicant Address
Agent Address

This application is open for consultation.


Application Form.pdf -
1_Planning Statement.pdf -
2_Planning Statement.pdf -
1_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
2_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
3_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
4_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
5_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
6_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
7_Westbury Court_DAS.pdf -
2_70035.01R1REV2 (42 Pages).pdf -
2_70035R1REV1 (9 Pages).pdf -
2_GWPR2333 Westbury Court Lordship Lane Tottenham London Desk Study Report V1.03_FULL_FINALc.pdf -
3_GWPR2333 Westbury Court Lordship Lane Tottenham London Desk Study Report V1.03_FULL_FINALc.pdf -
5_70035.01R1REV2.pdf -
Asset Location Search Sewer Map.pdf -
Flood Smart Pro 1_70035R1REV1.pdf -
Hydrology Detailed River Network and River Quality.pdf -
Inspection Photos.pdf -
SuDSmart Pro - 1_70035.01R1REV2.pdf -
Transport Statement.pdf -
Travel Plan Statement.pdf -
UKFloodMap4TM Pluvial 1 in 100 year Pluvial Flood Depth Map.pdf -
Westbury Court - Accommodation Schedule_20171206.pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing east elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing first floor plan (1).pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing ground floor plan(1).pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing north elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing roof plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing second floor plan(1).pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing section BB.pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing south elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Existing west elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed Block Plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed east elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed fifth floor plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed first to second floor plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed ground floor plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed north elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed roof plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed section AA.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed section BB.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed sixth floor plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed south elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed third to fourth floor plan.pdf -
Westbury Court - Proposed west elevation.pdf -
Westbury Court - Site Location Plan.pdf -
Westbury Court -Existing Section AA.pdf -
validation consultation list.pdf -
Comments from Thames Water.pdf -
Comments from Historic England.pdf - Comments from Historic England
Consultation Comments 001.pdf - Comments from 195 Ground Floor, Westbury Avenue
Westbury Court - Cover Letter.pdf - Covering letter
Westbury Court - FVA 15.12.17_Redacted Scanned.pdf - Viability Appraisal - Redacted
Westbury Court - Cover Letter 21_12_2017.pdf - Covering letter 2
AQ1065 Westbury Court Air Quality Assessment Dec 2017.pdf - AQA
8926_Westbury Court_DSO Assessment.pdf - Daylight, Sunlight report - amended
2017.102 - Sustainability and Energy Statement - Westbury Court FINAL (Dec 2017).pdf - Sustainability statement
Consultation Comments 002.pdf - Comments from 159 Russell Avenue
Comments from Building Control.pdf -
Consultation Comments 003.pdf - Objection from Flat 34, 1 The Roundway
Consultation Comments 004.pdf - Objection from 9 Gedeney Road
Consultation Comments 005.pdf - Comments from 41 Granville Road
Consultation Comments 006.pdf - Objection from Flat 27, 1 The Roundway
Comments from Waste Management.pdf -
Comments from Designing Out Crime Office Metropolitan Police.pdf -
Comments from the Environment Agency.pdf -
Consultation Comments 007.pdf - Support from Flat 37, 1 The Roundway
0097 - Accommodation Schedule_20171206.pdf - Revised Accom Schedule
0097 - Proposed Plans.pdf - Revised Plans - Accessible Units Shown
Consultation Comments 008.pdf - Support from 1 The Roundway
Comments from Transport for London.pdf -
Westbury Court_Energy Efficiency Statement.pdf - Energy Efficiency
Comments from Lead Officer - Pollution.pdf -
Comments from the Environment Agency 28.02.2018.pdf -
Westbury Court - Fire Fighting Strategy.pdf - Fire Fighting Strategy
Planning Statement Addendum - Housing Tenure - Westbury Court - Collective Planning.pdf - Addendum Statement - Tenure Note
Comments from Tower Gardens Residents Group.pdf -
Comments from Housing Enabling Officer.pdf -
Comments from Environment Agency.pdf -

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