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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

Reference number
Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Laurence Ackrill  
Applicant Name
Agent name
Applicant Address
Agent Address


ApplicationFormRedacted.pdf -
Report 01_Design and Access Statement(2).pdf -
Report 02_Daylight and Sunlight Report.pdf -
Report 03_Sustainability Statement.pdf -
Report 04_Heritage Assessment.pdf -
Report 05_Transport Statement.pdf -
Report 06_Community Statement.pdf -
WP-0600_DIS_PLANNING(1).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0010-P-Site(1).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0010-P-Site.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0011-P-BL(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0013-P-L1.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0014-P-RL.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0021-E-S.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0022-E-E.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0023-E-N(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0024-E-W(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0031-S-AA(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0032-S-BB(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0033-S-CC.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0034-S-DD.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0051-P-BL(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0052-P-L0(1).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0053-P-L1(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0054-P-RL(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0061-E-S.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0062-E-E.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0063-E-N(2).pdf -
WP-0600-A-0064-E-W.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0071-S-AA.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0072-S-BB.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0073-S-CC.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0074-S-DD.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0100-P-Site.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0101-P-BL.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0103-P-L1.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0104-P-L2.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0105-P-RL.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0201-E-S.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0202-E-E.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0203-E-N.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0204-E-W.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0301-S-AA.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0302-S-BB.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0303-S-CC.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0304-S-DD.pdf -
Consultation comments 001.pdf - Comments from 63 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 002.pdf - Comments from 179 Cranley Gardens
Consultation comments 003.pdf - Support from 7 Rosemoor Mansions, 2 Marwood Square
Consultation comments 004.pdf - Support from 19 Southern Road
Consultation comments 005.pdf - Comments from 18 Danvers Road
Consultation comments 006.pdf - Objection from 12 Dale Court, Park Road
Consultation comments 007.pdf - Support from 100 Cranley Gardens
Consultation comments 008.pdf - Comments from 177 Cranley Gardens
Consultation comments 009.pdf - Objection from 36 Wood Vale
Consultation comments 010.pdf - Support from 126c Avenue Mansions, Alexandra Park Road
Consultation comments 013.pdf - Objection from 300B Park Road
Consultation comments 014.pdf - Objection from 141 Nightingale Lane
Consultation comments 015.pdf - Objection from 25 Burghley Road
Consultation comments 016.pdf - Objection from 187 Park Road
Consultation comments 017.pdf - Objection from 6 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 018.pdf - Objection from 4 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 019.pdf - Support from Top Flat, 6A Cheapside, Fortis Green
Consultation comments 020.pdf - Support from 25 Beechdale, Winchmore Hill
Consultation comments 021.pdf - Support from Flat 2 Verdant Court, Connaught Road
Consultation comments 023.pdf - Support from 68 Goddard Place
Consultation comments 024.pdf - Objection from 36 Stanhope Road
Consultation comments 025.pdf - Support from 17 Warner Road
Consultation comments 026.pdf - Support from 12 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 027.pdf - Support from 55 Steeds Road
Consultation comments 028.pdf - Comments from 60 Tottenham Lane
Consultation comments 029.pdf - Support from 39 Etheldene Avenue
Objection from Cllrs Connor, Emery & Ogiehor.pdf -
Consultation comments 030.pdf - Objection from 5 Dale Court, Park Road
Consultation comments 031.pdf - Support from 9 Grosvenor Gardens
Consultation comments 032.pdf - Objection from 10 Rookfield Avenue
Consultation comments 033.pdf - Objection from 20 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 034.pdf - Objection from 20 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 035.pdf - Support from 84B Oakfield Road
Consultation comments 036.pdf - Support from 47 Church Lane
Consultation comments 037.pdf - Support from Flat 8 Elgar House, Boyton Close
Consultation comments 038.pdf - Objection from 1 Dale Court, Park Road
Consultation comments 039.pdf - Support from 12 Heathville Road
Consultation comments 040.pdf - Support from 158A North View Road
Consultation comments 041.pdf - Objection from 32 Etheldene Avenue
Consultation comments 042.pdf - Support from 140 Cranley Gardens
Consultation comments 043.pdf - Support from 140 Cranley Gardens
Consultation comments 044.pdf - Support from 71 Umfreville Road
Consultation comments 045.pdf - Support from 29 The Chine
Consultation comments 046.pdf - Support from 129 Cranley Gardens
Consultation comments 011.pdf - Support from 8 Buckingham Lodge, 2 Muswell Hill
Consultation comments 012.pdf - Support from 49 Park Avenue South
Consultation comments 022.pdf - Objection from 25 Danvers Road
Consultation comments 047.pdf - Objection from 8 Connaught Gardens
Consultation comments 048.pdf - Support from 30 Glasslyn Road
Objection from Rookfield Management Ltd and Residents Association.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0102-P-L0 KL TRACK 19-AUG-2020-P2006101.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0102-P-L0 KL TRACK 19-AUG-2020-P2006102.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0102-P-L0 KL TRACK 19-AUG-2020-P2006103.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0102-P-L0 KL TRACK 19-AUG-2020-P2006104.pdf -
Consultation comments 049.pdf - Objection from 12 Dale Court, Park Road
Consultation comments 050.pdf - Objection from 17F Church Crescent
WP-0600-A-0012-P-L0_P2.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0102-P-L0_P2.pdf -
WP-0600-A-0001-P-Location_P2.pdf -
Decision Notice.pdf -
Officer Report.pdf -
Consultation comments 051.pdf - Support from 158A North View Road

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