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  • Current applications will include an option to make a comment underneath the application details below.
  • To ensure that comments can be included in the officer's report for an application, they should be received by the council within 21 days of the Received as Valid Date (see below). All comments received before a decision is made will be taken into account, whether they are represented in the officer's report or not.
  • A signed copy of the Decision Notice, produced on Haringey Council letter headed paper can be obtained from the Development Management Support Team

Application details

Reference number
Application Type
Site Location

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Proposed Development
Received as Valid Date
Consultation End Date
Application Status
Decision Date
Decision Level
Temp. Permission Expiry Date
Case officer
Applicant Name
Agent name
Applicant Address
Agent Address

Appeal details

Appeal Reference
Council Appeal Reference
Appeal Valid Date
Questionnaire Sent Date
Questionnaire Due Date
Appeal Type
Inquiry Date
Decision Date


Drawing_280605_1.pdf - Proposed ready mix concrete plant
Drawing_280605_2.pdf - Details of overhead bins & plant working area
Consultation_Response_001.txt - Objection from Dawn Davis
Consultation_Response_002.txt - Objection from EA and KG Baker
Consultation_Response_003.txt - Objection from sarah lockwood
Consultation_Response_004.txt - Objection from Tara Fraser
Consultation_Response_005.txt - Objection from David Reading & Frances Walsh 73 Rathcoole Gardens
Consultation_Response_006.txt - Objection from D E BARRETT
Consultation_Response_007.txt - Objection from Caroline Graty, Flat C, 224 Stapleton Hall Road,
Consultation_Response_008.txt - Objection from Jane Owen, N8
Consultation_Response_009.txt - Objection from 18a Uplands Road
Consultation_Response_010.txt - Objection from Catherine Marlow Flat 4 20 Haringey park
Consultation_Response_011.txt - Objection from Cllr Kate Wynne
Consultation_Response_012.txt - Objection from Donald Hudd - 34 Uplands Road
Consultation_Response_014.txt - Objection from Marjan Debevere & Howard Burch 55 Uplands Road
Consultation_Response_015.txt - Objection from James Baker
Consultation_Response_017.txt - Objection from Suzy Morgan
Consultation_Response_018.txt - Objection from Ian Coulson
Consultation_Response_019.txt - Objection from James Del-Gatto
Consultation_Response_020.txt - Objection from Helen Quinlan
Consultation_Response_021.txt - Objection from Kira Dorrian
Consultation_Response_022.txt - Objection from Andrew Fletcher,
Consultation_Response_023.txt - Objection from Juliette Smyth
Consultation_Response_024.txt - Objection from Kate Lattimore
Consultation_Response_025.txt - Objection from Alan Kramer
Consultation_Response_026.txt - Objection from C A Keel
Consultation_Response_027.txt - Comments from Charles Keel. August 2005.
Consultation_Response_028.txt - Objection from Amanda Milsom
Consultation_Response_029.txt - Objection from Juliette Smyth
Consultation_Response_030.txt - Objection from Andrew Fletcher
Consultation_Response_031.txt - Objection from Justin
Consultation_Response_032.txt - Objection from Vernon & Sally Violaris - Colman
Consultation_Response_033.txt - Objection from Vernon Colman
Consultation_Response_034.txt - Objection from Takki Sulaiman
Consultation_Response_035.txt - Comments from Mandy Steele
Consultation_Response_036.txt - Objection from Peter Hennessy
Consultation_Response_037.txt - Objection from Antonia Owen & Tim Hatton
Consultation_Response_038.txt - Objection from Glafkos & Maroulla Violaris
Consultation_Response_039.txt - Objection from Seamus Dooloey, Katherine Wood, Eva Ponikelská and Kamile Karlikova
Consultation_Response_040.txt - Objection from S. Coir, L. Bailey and Zeo Chartham
Consultation_Response_041.txt - Objection from Nick & Lucy Cawbery
Consultation_Response_042.txt - Objection from Alan & Florence Bearman and J. Bunting
Consultation_Response_043.txt - Objection from Frank Howard
Consultation_Response_044.txt - Objection from Mr & Mrs Harry's
Consultation_Response_045.txt - Objection from Martin Abel & Tamara Pedgrift
Consultation_Response_046.txt - Objection from M, S & D Pinnock
Consultation_Response_047.txt - Objection from Samatha, Daniel, Georgia & Jessica Gundy
Consultation_Response_048.txt - Objection from Les Jackson
Consultation_Response_049.txt - Objection from Ann Doyle and Colin Brown
Consultation_Response_050.txt - Objection from H. Breblin
Consultation_Response_051.txt - Objection from Rowena Young and Geoff Mulgan
Consultation_Response_052.txt - Objection from David Robins
Consultation_Response_053.txt - Objection from Antonia Owen and Tim Hatton
Consultation_Response_056.txt - Objection from Caroline Cox
Consultation_Response_057.txt - Objection from From Peter Murphy 31 b Tottenham Lane
Consultation_Response_058.txt - Objection from YVONNE WADE & NEIL KIRK
Consultation_Response_059.txt - Objection from Eva Kmietowicz
Consultation_Response_060.txt - Objection from Susan Scher
Consultation_Response_061.txt - Objection from Jimi and Meg Mistry
Consultation_Response_062.txt - Objection from Chris Gethin 164 Ferme Park Road
Consultation_Response_063.txt - Objection from Sue Sparks
Consultation_Response_064.txt - Objection from Jimi and Meg Mistry
Consultation_Response_065.txt - Objection from Sean Wallis
Consultation_Response_066.txt - Objection from Rohan Moorthy
Consultation_Response_067.txt - Objection from Jonathan Franks
Consultation_Response_068.txt - Objection from Tim Langford & Carol Scott.
Consultation_Response_069.txt - Objection from Nicholas Rowe and Lou Gish
Consultation_Response_070.txt - Objection from Kevin Sheridan
Consultation_Response_071.txt - Objection from Hannah Redler
Consultation_Response_072.txt - Objection from Hannah Redler
Consultation_Response_073.txt - Objection from Renato Labi
Consultation_Response_074.txt - Objection from Jane McIntosh and James Douglas
Consultation_Response_075.txt - Objection from Tiana Harper
Consultation_Response_076.txt - Objection from Max Harvey
Consultation_Response_077.txt - Objection from Simon Blackmore
Consultation_Response_078.txt - Objection from Kirsten Wright
Consultation_Response_079.txt - Objection from Rosemary Taylor
Consultation_Response_080.txt - Objection from Dr Andrew Walter
Consultation_Response_081.txt - Objection from Eddie & Leila Finnegan
Consultation_Response_082.txt - Objection from Eddie & Leila Finnegan
Consultation_Response_083.txt - Objection from Jolyon and Rebecca Harris
Consultation_Response_084.txt - Objection from Maria Longo
Consultation_Response_085.txt - Objection from Katia de Gregorio
Consultation_Response_086.txt - Objection from Silvia Busato
Consultation_Response_087.txt - Objection from Caroline Spry
Consultation_Response_088.txt - Objection from Elizabeth Woodcraft.
Consultation_Response_089.txt - Objection from Elizabeth Woodcraft.
Consultation_Response_090.txt - Objection from Elizabeth Woodcraft.
Consultation_Response_091.txt - Objection from Everard Brown
Consultation_Response_092.txt - Objection from Everard Brown
Observations_Of_Planning _Applications_ Sub _Committee.pdf - Observations Of Planning Applications Sub Committee 10/10/2005.
Consultation_Response_093.txt - Objection from Sara Krish
Consultation_Response_094.txt - Objection from Sue Hockett
Consultation_Response_095.txt - Objection from KEVIN GAFFNEY
Consultation_Response_096.txt - Objection from Jeremy Bevan
Consultation_Response_097.txt - Objection from Fiona Hayward
Consultation_Response_098.txt - Objection from Nicholas Grundy.
Consultation_Response_099.txt - Objection from KEVIN GAFFNEY
Consultation_Response_100.txt - Objection from Tim Jones
Consultation_Response_101.txt - Objection from Moira Whittle
Consultation_Response_102.txt - Objection from Lydia Rivlin, Deputy Chairman
Consultation_Response_103.txt - Objection from Mr. Oscar Jones
Consultation_Response_104.txt - Objection from Liz Hermon
Consultation_Response_117.pdf - Objection
Letter_1.pdf - Letter from a Concerned of Rathcoole
Appeal_Decision..pdf - Appeal Decision
Consultation_Response_118.pdf - Letter from 191 Wightman Road
170 - Ferme Park Depot Cranford Way N8 9DG - Unilateral Undertaking London Concrete - 200306.pdf - Unilateral Undertaking
Officer Report.pdf - Officer Report
Consultation_Response_119.doc.docx -

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