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Major Developments

This page displays all of the current applications which are regarded as major developments within the area. Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that the council receives and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public.

As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine and often the council will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development.

The applications shown below are those applications which are currently submitted to the council for consideration and have not yet had a decision. To find out more about any application, simply click on the reference number.

Reference NumberReceived DatePS TypeSite LocationApplicant NameAgent DetailsProposed Development

Portal Ref:7504490
11-03-2019Largescale Major - Dwellings


Tottenham Lane


N8 9BT
Jenga PLC Mr Peter Biggs Countrywide Planning

1st Floor, Standon House  21

Mansell Street


E1 8AA
Variation of conditions 2 and 3 attached to planning permission HGY/2017/2001, as amended by HGY/2018/1874, to include the demolition of the existing rear southern boundary wall and erection of new wall with 1.2m high trellis above

Portal Ref:7501484
18-02-2019Smallscale Major - All other smallscale major developmentsJacksons Lane Community Centre


Archway Road


N6 5AA
Ms Isobel Smith Ms Cathy Hawley Citizens Design Bureau

Studio 118, Hackney Downs Studios  

17 Amhurst Terrace


E8 2BT
Works of alteration including re-opening old church porch as main entrance, new ramp to south-western side of porch, new 2-storey roof to replace existing over existing entrance foyer and internal alterations to improve accessibility and circulation, installation of lift, new WC provision, new plant and new internal staircase, in association with existing community centre (Class use D2).

Portal Ref:7599786
06-02-2019Largescale Major - DwellingsLand at Haringey Heartlands, between Hornsey Park Road, Mayes Road,

Coburg Road, Western Road and the Kings Cross / East Coast Mainline,

Clarendon Gas Works, Olympia Trading Estate, and 57-89 Western Road


N8 & N22
Mr Neil Wells Quod

Ingeni Building  17

Broadwick Street


RESERVED MATTERS COVER THE DESIGN ASPECTS OF THE DEVELOPMENT (BLOCK D1 AND BLOCK D2) AS WELL AS LANDSCAPING WORKS FOR PHASE 1 OF THE EASTERN QUARTER TO DELIVER 99 RESIDENTIAL UNITS, AND 439SQM COMMERCIAL FLOORSPACE. Description of Development: Application for approval of reserved matters relating to appearance, landscaping, layout, scale, access, pertaining to Buildings D1 and D2, forming Phase 1 of the Eastern Quarter, including the construction of 99 residential units, 439m2 (GIA) of commercial floorspace, and new landscaped public space pursuant to planning permission HGY/2017/3117 dated 19th April 2018.

Portal Ref:7547712
15-01-2019Largescale Major - Dwellings

Railway Approach

Hampden Road


N8 0HG
Mr Robert Mackenzie-Grieve Fairview New Homes Limited Mr Robert Mackenzie-Grieve Fairview New Homes Limited


Lancaster Road


Variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission HGY/2016/1573 in order to substitute drawing 6538-D9200 Rev 05 for drawing 6538-D9200 Rev 06.

Portal Ref:
11-01-2019Largescale Major - All other largescale major developments

Harris Academy Tottenham

Ashley Road


N17 9DP
Department for Education Mr Tom Lambshead Jones Lang LaSalle

 30 Warwick Street


Variation of condition 2 (approved drawings) attached to planning permission HGY/2018/0745 (which approved variations to original permission HGY/2015/3096) to make minor alterations to the approved drawings list, in order to make minor amendments to omit the inclusion of the existing public footpath to the east of the site at Harris Academy Tottenham

Portal Ref:7442420
09-01-2019Largescale Major - Dwellings

Ashley House

Ashley Road


N17 9LJ
Notting Hill Home Ownership Mr Matthew Williams Lichfields

14 Regent's Wharf  

All Saints Street


N1 9RL
Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part 6, part 8 storey building to provide 97 residential units (Class C3), 170 sqm of commercial floorspace (Class A1/A3/B1), new public realm, car and cycle parking and associated works

Portal Ref:7422326
05-12-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings


Lawrence Road


N15 4EY
Interfine Properties Limited Mr Scott Hudson Savills (UK) Limited

 Finsbury Circus House

15 Finsbury Circus


Variation of Condition 2 pursuant to planning permission dated 17 January 2018 (ref: HGY/2016/1212) to substitute drawings involving separation of the live/work units, reduction in width of vehicle access, reconfiguration of the bin store, and provision of additional bicycle storage and basement plant room (amended floorspace figure of 6,643 GIA)

Portal Ref:7422242
03-12-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings


Lawrence Road


N15 4EN
Magic Homes Mr Scott Hudson Savills (UK) Limited

Finsbury Circus House  15

Finsbury Circus


Variation of Condition 2 pursuant to planning permission dated 17 January 2018 (ref: HGY/2016/1213) to substitute drawings involving reduction of number of units to 75, rearrangement of bicycle storage, slight reduction of building mass, alterations to dwelling layouts and sizes, slight amendments to the public realm, and other minor amendments to the approved scheme

Portal Ref:7245099
24-10-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings


High Road


N22 6BX
Lazari Developments Ltd Caroline Keane Gerald Eve LLP


Welbeck Street


Demolition of the existing buildings and redevelopment to provide part 3-8 storey buildings providing mixed use development, comprising residential accommodation, flexible retail units, flexible workspaces, a hotel, and a public courtyard, with associated site access, car and cycle parking, and landscaping works.

Portal Ref:7286355
19-10-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings

Former Newstead Nursing Home

Denewood Road


N6 4AL
GCH (Newstead) Limited and Fusion Highgate Limited Mr Ben Kelway Lichfields

14 Regents Wharf  

All Saints Street


N1 9RL
Demolition of existing building and erection of three buildings between two and three storeys in heights to provide ten residential dwellings, private and communal amenity space and other associated development.

Portal Ref:6901464
14-09-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings


High Road


N17 6QN
Mr Rosenberg Mr David Alton ADA Architects


Kings Road



C09 1HJ
Refurbishment of existing premises and extensions to provide 24 flats

Portal Ref:6842143
30-07-2018Largescale Major - DwellingsStrategic Development Partnership (SDP) Sites

Welbourne, North Island, Ferry Island, Ashley Road East and Ashley Road West

Station Road


TH DM Limited Mr Matthew Sherwood Quod

 Ingeni Building

17 Broadwick Street


Demolition works and clearance of existing site to provide a mixed-use development comprising 6 buildings up to 38 storeys in height, which together with pavilion and basement accommodation will provide up to 104,053m˛ of floorspace (GIA), comprising residential (Use Class C3) (up to 1,036 units), retail (Use Class A1-A4), health centre (Use Class D1), office (Use Class B1), leisure (Use Class D2) parking and servicing areas, hard and soft landscaping (including the provision of a new public square), highways works, creation of new vehicular accesses and the realignment of Station Road, decentralised energy network works and other associated works. While the full application documents are available online, consultees and members of the public may inspect hard copies of the application, the plans, the Environmental Statement and other documentation submitted with the application between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday to Friday at: 6th Floor, River Park House, 225 High Road, Wood Green, London, N22 8HQ. If your organization is a Consultation Body pursuant to Regulation 2(1) of the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 and you require a hard copy of the Environmental Statement, please contact the case officer at If members of the public require a hard copy of the Environmental Statement, copies are available but there may be a charge to obtain a copy. Please contact the case officer for further information.

Portal Ref:6977662
23-07-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings


Tottenham Lane


N8 9BT
Mr Nadarajah Vishnurajah Mr Glen Christen Bonnystreet Planning Limited

 41a Birdhurst Rise


Removal of Condition 1 (Time limit) and Variation of Condition 2 (approved drawings), Condition 3 (materials), Condition 5 (waste storage), Condition 8 (cycle parking) and Condition 24 (landscaping) attached to planning permission HGY/2014/0484.

Portal Ref:7035526
29-06-2018Largescale Major - All other largescale major developments

Tottenham Hale Station

Station Road


N17 9LR
London Underground Ltd Steve Taylor Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd

 1 Eversholt Street


Variation of condition 2 (plans and specification) attached to planning permission HGY/2013/2610 amending the drawings listed under Condition 2 to facilitate the following changes: 1. Re-location of the AFA bridge circa 50m further north. 2. AFA bridge no longer ties in with the LU ticket hall at mezannine deck level. 3. Inclusion of a link corridor on the west side of the railway to provide a covered walkway, at ground level, between the LU ticket hall and NR AFA bridge. 4. Access/egress to the AFA bridge deck from the island platform is provided via a lift, stairs, or escalator . 5. Access/egress from the AFA bridge deck to the link corridor on the west side of the railway is provided via stairs, or a lift

Portal Ref:6886556
19-06-2018Largescale Major - Dwellings


West Green Road


N15 3PJ
Mr Simon Oliver Mr James Smith Forge Architects

6-8 Cole Street Studios  

Cole Street


Demolition of existing buildings and erection of three buildings up to a maximum 6 storeys in height, and extension and conversion of former public house for use of the relocated Church and nursery plus a café, to provide a total of 88 residential units (54.9% affordable units by habitable room), associated car and cycle parking spaces (including within new basement) and improvements to adjacent park.
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